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In order to ensure the continued safety and wellbeing for all those involved in gymnastics, there are rules, regulations and policies are in place. Here you'll find a selection of shortcuts and links to key webpages and documents that we feel parents should be most familiar with and that will help you understand what is in place in regards to safeguarding…

British Gymnastics

Safeguarding & Child Protection
What to do if you have a Safeguarding concern?

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Safe and Fair Sport
One of the key functions of the Safeguarding Team is to promote and safe and fair gymnastics for all. The Safeguarding Team promotes and engages in a number of initiatives, including with partners such as the CPSU (the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit). These initiatives include Anti-Bullying, Parents in Sport Week and other opportunities.

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Gymnast & Parents
The BG Safeguarding and Protecting Policy provides a framework for all those involved in gymnastics to meet their duty of care towards young people and are mandatory for all BG members…

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Have Fun, Be Safe
When you are taking part in gymnastics, we want you to have fun, learn great skills and be the best gymnast you can be. At the same time,
we need to make sure you feel safe. Here’s some tips to help you understand how to be safe and who can help you…
Safe Environment
All clubs and gymnastics activity providers have a responsibility for the safety and welfare of gymnasts, coaches, volunteers, officials, visitors and others. This responsibility applies to all British Gymnastics (BG) registered clubs, regardless of their size or structure. There is a legal responsibility to ensure that participants are protected from harm whilst taking part in gymnastics. This is legally termed as the ‘duty of care’ and is particularly significant when dealing with children.

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Health and Safety
As part of our commitment to maintaining and safe and fair sport, the Integrity Unit also works with our club, coaches and across British Gymnastics departments to ensure the safe participation of all those enjoying the sport by ensuring that Health and Safety concerns are managed appropriately, and the appropriate rules and laws are followed within our gymnastics spaces.

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Equality & Diversity
We believe our sport should be open and accessible to anyone who wants to be involved, whether as a gymnast, a coach, an official, a volunteer or a fan.

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Weighing Gymnasts
British Gymnastics receive regular communication from gymnasts, parents and coaches who have questions and/or concerns about the practice and validity of weighing gymnasts. The position statement has been developed to provide current recommendations for best practice and address some of the misconceptions around weight.

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Health, Safety & Welfare Policy
British Gymnastics regards the health, safety and welfare of all members to be of paramount importance, which should not be comprised. To this end, it is British Gymnastics policy to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, that procedures are in place to maintain a safe and healthy environment not only for its members but also for other people who may be affected by the activities of British Gymnastics and/or affiliated clubs and organisations.

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Standards of Conduct
There are expectations of all members, which are included in the Membership Rules and Articles of the Association. As well as this, we have produced two specific Standards of Conduct documents which detail the expectations on clubs and those working within the sport in any capacity. Behaviours outside of these standards may cause disciplinary action to be taken against those responsible.

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Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and if you are concerned then you should discuss and report the matter. If the matter is not immediate you can discuss with:

  • Your child’s coach directly
  • Our Welfare Officer, Katie Norton (formerly Katie Newman)
  • A member of the British Gymnastics Safeguarding team
  • The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)
If you think a child is in immediate danger of abuse or risk of harm, contact the police on 999. When raising a concern, you should assure your child that they did the right thing by SPEAKING OUT and telling you.


Heathrow Gymnastics Club Welfare Officer is, Katie Norton (formerly Katie Newman). If you have any concerns, you can confidentially contact Katie by phone on 0208 569 5069, or by email ObscureMyEmail (for confidentiality access to this email is by Katie Newman only).

For more information about safeguarding, you can call or visit British Gymnastics Safeguarding Team on 0345 129 7129, email them at ObscureMyTwoEmail or visit their website

The London Borough of Hounslow, Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

0808 8005000


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