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Boys Elementary

Please note, we have a waiting list for all Boys Elementary classes.
Information on joining the waiting list can be found below.
Our Boys Elementary classes run for 1 hour and have an age restriction of 4½ to 7 years old. The class is designed for beginners and focuses on teaching basic gymnastic floor skills. Gymnasts are also provided the opportunity to display the skills they've learnt to earn badges and certificates through our Badge Award Scheme, as well as partaking in our Club Championships and Heathrow's annual Christmas Display.
We do not have "Term Time" classes, our Boys Elementary classes run throughout the year (other than Christmas & Bank Holidays). Please see our 'Schedule & Fees' page for more information on bank holidays.


Unfortunately we have a waiting list for all of our Boys Elementary classes. Children will be added to our waiting list at the time of their assessment. Please be aware it is not possible to be added to the waiting list without coming to an assessment.

For further information on assessments and joining procedures, please see our 'Joining' page.

Fees & Uniform

For information on class fees and billing dates please see our 'Schedule & Fees' page.

Heathrow uniform is compulsory for all gymnasts. Our Boys Elementary uniform (club shorts and leotard) is available from reception.

Days & Times

Tuesday: 17:15 - 18:15
Thursday: 16:30 - 17:30
Saturday: 09:05 - 10:05

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