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Schedule & Fees


    Monday 16:20
    Tuesday 16:10
    Wednesday 16:20
    Friday 16:20 (Niamh's Class)
    Friday 16:30 (Louanna Class)
    Saturday 09:00 & 12:00
    Sunday 09:00 & 10:05
    Monday 17:25
    Thursday 16:20
    Friday 17:25
    Saturday 10:05
    Sunday 11:10 & 13:55
    Junior Development
    Sunday 13:00 & 17:00
    Monday 18:55
    Thursday 17:55
    Sunday 15:30
    Senior Advanced
    Thursday 19:30
    Elementary 16:30
    Intermediate 17:30
    Advanced 19:00
    Tuesday 17:15, Thursday 16:30, Saturday 09:05.
    Thursday 17.30, Saturday 10:05.
    Tuesday 19:00, Friday 19:00.
    Elementary 16:30
    Intermediate 17:30
    Advanced 19:00

Holiday Closures

Please note we do not close during school holidays.
The club will be closed on the following days;
March & April: Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.
May & June: May Day, (Monday only) Spring Bank Holiday (Sunday & Monday).
August: Both Summer Bank Holidays (Sunday & Monday).
Last day of General Classes: Tuesday 12th December - General Classes return Tuesday 2nd January.
Last day of Squads: please confirm with your coach.
Last day of Adult Gym: Monday 11th December - Adult Gym returns Monday 8th January

Fees (Monthly)

Class fees are paid monthly with each invoice being issued on the 28th, payment due by the 6th. Fees can be paid by cash or card at Reception, over the phone or online via your HGC member portal.
Fees are calculated at 48 weeks each year, taking into account the two weeks we are closed for Christmas and an optional two weeks holiday of your choosing. Your optional two weeks holiday are already factored into the cost, therefore a refund isn't necessary. Any other classes that are missed are non-refundable, unfortunately due to coach/gymnast ratios “catch up” classes on alternative days are not possible.
£61.53 (1 hour, £15.38 per lesson).
£75.01 (1½ hours, £18.75 per lesson).
Girls Advanced
£75.01 (1½ hours, £18.75 per lesson).
Girls Junior Development
£79.59 (2 hours, £19.90 per lesson).
Boys Advanced
£79.59 (2 hours, £19.90 per lesson).
Girls Senior Advanced
£79.59 (2 hours, £19.90 per lesson).
Following the 7th of the month, a late payment administration fee of £10 will be added. If fees are not paid by then, you are at risk of losing your child’s place in the class.

Membership & Insurance

Upon joining HGC, an annual British Gymnastics Membership fee will be required. This annual fee is due every October and is a mandatory fee laid out by our sports governing body, British Gymnastics. All new members will need to register with British Gymnastics if their children trains for more than 1 hour per week. Please see below for pricing information which includes the mandatory London Gymnastics membership fee of £2.
Gymlet classes: £17.00 per year.
Elementary classes or below:
£20.00 per year.
Intermediate classes or above (Non competetive): £24.00 per year.
Competitive Gymnasts: £62.00 per year.

Notice to parents

Heathrow Gymnastics Club has a zero tolerance policy for abusive or argumentative behaviour of any kind to its staff. It will not be tolerated and will compromise your child's place at Heathrow Gymnastics Club.
Heathrow Gymnastics Club reserves all rights to refuse entry.
Thank you for you cooperation and understanding.
HGC Management
(Last updated 02/03/24)

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