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Schedule & Fees
Please note we do not close during school holidays
The club will be closed on the following days;


Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.


May Day, Spring Bank Holiday Sunday and Spring Bank Holiday Monday.


Bank Holiday Sunday, Bank Holiday Monday.


For two weeks during Christmas (this may not include Squad groups)
British Gymnastics and London Gymnastics Membership and Insurance,
1 hour classes; £11 per year, Intermediate and above; £20 per year, Competitive Gymnasts £44.00.

All class fees are paid bi-monthly. Parents should pay their child's fees in the first 14 days of January, March, May, July, September and November. The reception is open at all classes during this period. From May/June 2011 Late fees incur a £10.00 administration charge. Fees are charged for 48 weeks each year, which makes an allowance for Christmas closure and family holidays. We make additional deductions for classes cancelled due to bank holidays.
The fees are divided into 6 equal bi-monthly payments.

N.B. Some General classes will not be held due to Bank Holidays - fees will be reduced accordingly. If a child's fees are not paid by the 4th week of a payment period their place will be given to the next person on our waiting list.

Elementary Class; £91.97 (1 hour, £11.50 per lesson)

Girls; Monday 4.25pm, Tuesday 4.15pm, Wednesday 4.30pm, Friday 4.25pm, Saturday 8.55am.
Boys; Tuesday 5.15pm, Thursday 4.30pm, Saturday 9.05am.
For Trampoline times, see Trampoline page.

Intermediate Class; £111.98 (1.5 hours, £14.00 per lesson)

Girls; Monday 5.25pm, Thursday 4.30pm, Friday 5.25pm, Saturday 9.55am, Sunday 2.00pm.
Boys; Thursday 5.30, Saturday 10.05am.
For Trampoline times, see Trampoline page.

Girls Advanced Class; £111.98 (1.5 hours, £14.00 per lesson)

Monday 6.55pm, Thursday 6.00pm, Sunday 3.30pm.
For Trampoline times, see Trampoline page.

Girls Junior Advanced; £136.59 (2.5 hours, £17.07 per lesson)

Sunday 6.00pm.

Boys Advanced : £120.20 (2 hours, £15.02 per lesson)

Tuesday 7.00pm, Friday 7.00pm.

Girls Senior Advanced: £120.20 (2 hours, £15.02 per lesson)

Thursday 7.30pm.
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