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Heathrow Gymnastics Club has approximately 1,000 participants each week, a large Play Gym programme and a staff base of over 60 coaches.

We're a registered, non-profit-making educational charity. All funds received are spent on the running of the gym or re-invested to improve the service and facilities. We endeavour to offer an opportunity to all children to participate in Gymnastics and progress according to their ability.

The club has held the British Team Championships title for thirteen years, a record in British Gymnastics. We have also trained many International Gymnasts and Acrobats who have competed in most countries in Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Russia, including all major World, European and Commonwealth Championships.

The club moved to its present site in Green Lane in 1982. It's now considered to be among the best club facilities in Europe. Heathrow Gymnastics Club firmly believes that the benefits of participation in sport and exercise for young people has immense value. Gymnastics participation teaches children the qualities of hard work, concentration, sportsmanship and dedication. Gymnastics, at an elite level, we believe, is the most difficult sport, due to the the variety of physical qualities required, but the skills and co-ordination acquired at any level is valuable and rewarding and can also serve as physical preparation for other sports.

We hope gymnastics will help to instil in our members a life long love and appreciation of movement and exercise, and that everybody's involvement with Heathrow Gymnastics Club will be productive, happy and memorable.
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Phone: 0208 569 5069

An automated system will answer your call and should answer most queries. To speak to a member of staff please follow the instructions over the phone.
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